I whole-heartedly endorse Mr. Mobley for Williamson County School Board, District 1.

Dr. Tracy Bullard | Retired Principal, Fairview Elementary School

I am thrilled and proud to have the opportunity to endorse Mr. Elmer Mobley for Williamson County School Board, District 1. I have known Elmer for over 20 years and can unequivocally state that he is of superb character. Furthermore, he is a dedicated husband, father and community member.

Being civic-minded, Elmer is active and hands-on in his community including volunteering with the Fairview Parks and Landscape board and working hard to protect Bowie Park for current and future generations.

During the time I was principal of Fairview Elementary School, Elmer was a consistent presence as he supported the PTO and attended school events to support his daughters, their peers, and teachers. He is committed to Williamson County Schools’ standards of high expectations and rigor to ensure students are engaged, challenged, and achieve their highest potential.

Elmer is a true leader, an excellent listener, and expert problem solver. I can say with confidence that Elmer Mobley will not only be a tremendous asset to District 1, but will also provide invaluable contributions district-wide.

I am proud to endorse Elmer Mobley for the Williamson County School Board.

Elizabeth Scherer | Retired Special Education Early Childhood Teacher

As a retired special education early childhood educator with 28 years of experience at Fairview Elementary, I’ve witnessed firsthand Elmer’s unwavering dedication to our community and his profound understanding of the needs of both our students and educators. Having had the privilege of teaching his two amazing daughters, I’ve seen how deeply he cares about ensuring our schools have the resources and support they deserve.

With Elmer on the school board, I am confident that he will tirelessly advocate for the betterment of education in Williamson County.

I believe he is the best candidate to represent ALL students and parents in District 1.

Teresa Potter | Retired Early Childhood Education Teaching Assistant

I am a retired TA in Early Childhood and have known Elmer and his family for close to 20 years. He has been involved in and has supported Williamson County Schools since his oldest child started school. He is honest, caring and open-minded. I believe he is the best candidate to represent ALL students and parents in District 1.

Mr. Mobley is the epitome of family values.

Eileen Brogan | Retired Williamson County Teacher

He not only attends school plays and events, but he volunteers to help. And because of his involvement, he knows what students, parents, and teachers in this district need to succeed.

It is my pleasure to endorse Mr. Elmer Mobley for Williamson County School Board District 1!

Linda Curtis | Retired Williamson County Teacher

Elmer Mobly has been active as a parent, volunteer, and advocate for our schools for many years. He has also had a positive influence in the community; always wanting the best for Fairview. Elmer is easy to talk to, a good listener, and will work hard for the schools in District 1 so they can continue to be successful!